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Oil field Supplies & Services

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Al Opal Blue Trading & Contracting LLC is a national company with international expertise in the oil, gas,petrochemical, power and water sectors with a reputation for aprogressive and forward looking approach to business.

Why We

Ingenuity & Innovation
Cruise lines, commercial shippers, tug-and-barge operators, oil-and-gas companies, and the world’s navies turn to us for forward-thinking maritime solutions. A true strategic partner, we offer innovative pipe, valve and fitting systems; advanced engineered products; automated-valve and data-management systems; and other valuable services. Whether it’s a replacement or repair, a new build project, or cutting-edge data-management technology, we have what you need to thrive.
Responsive & Proactive
Keeping labor waiting for a replacement component is not a viable option. It costs time and money. That’s why we have what you need in stock and ready for delivery. Meanwhile, services like our On Board Survey will proactively evaluate what you will need down the line, whether it’s project related or replacement parts. This ensures that we have what you need when you need it. It’s just one more way we deliver cost-saving efficiencies.
Smart Thinking & Smart Technologies
Our iShip® data-management technology provides real-time operational and event data so vessel operators and engineers can visualize, analyze, distribute, collaborate and act. Offering a number of system-measurement components, iShip is designed with the ability to use separate modules or combine them in a single platform. One such application, FuelProof,™ enhances fuel and efficiency monitoring, potentially saving you millions in fuel costs. Simply put, AOB gives you the tools to manage your ships and your future.
Focus & Experience
Unlike other companies, AOB focuses solely on the customer satisfaction and quality. No one knows your business better, and no one puts more time, energy and resources into serving your specific and unique requirements. And we have our sea legs.